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guess, there was 100 pounds like $200,000 deal. and some fool just took their life. >> the killer or killers are still on the loose. the fbi is involved in the murder investigation of a teenaged foster girl. the body of 13-year-old genelle conway allen was found friday morning at allan witt park in fairfield. they are not saying how she was killed. she went missing thursday night. fairfield police want anyone with information to call them. a parole violator from san jose is on the run this morning after he stole a police van while handcuffed. officers double cuffed anthony sanchez yesterday at an apartment complex on hillsdale road. the 32-year-old suspect was placed in the back of an unmarked minivan. an officer dropped papers on the ground. >> literally took a couple of seconds where the officer bent over to pick up the paperwork and the suspect literally slipped his cuffs, was able to
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jump into the driver's seat, put the car in gear and flee the scene. >> dwyer says it's common practice for officers to leave the key in the ignition if they are close. police found the van about two hours later but sanchez was not found. 4:32. lawrence is very excited because his doppler is fired up today. >> working very well, i might add and looking good. we have some showers around the bay area right now just some light stuff right now but i think we are going to see some more rain on the way as we head throughout the day. take a look for yourself. yeah, how about that! we have some of those scattered showers showing up in the north bay right now. not the strongest storm we have ever seen but we are going to take what we can get at this point as it stayed pretty dry. closer look now, you can see some of those scattered showers in toward healdsburg approaching santa rosa. likely going to see this pick up and as the cold front moves on by today going to see more scattered showers around the rest of the bay area. not a really heavy system as it moves through but it's bringing
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with it lots of cold air so after we see some showers this morning, more showers into the afternoon. temperatures right now pretty cold. 30s and some 40s and colder air behind the system so we could even see snow in the mountains down to 2500 feet. yesterday highs in the 50s and low 60s. today it's going to be a chilly day indeed about 53 degrees in livermore, 54 in san francisco, and about 55 degrees in san jose. gianna, not a good day to play outside. >> no. it doesn't sound like it, lawrence. in fact, we're going to kept a close eye on the roads because with that rain means slick surfaces so that could cause problems this morning. right now what we're dealing with is roadwork. if you are working your way toward the golden gate bridge this morning, south 101 near the north end and the toll plaza we have reports of road closures through there. you can see in our live shot traffic quiet heading into san francisco. hopefully they will wrap that up within the next half hour. eastbound 4 near loveridge left lane closed for roadwork. westbound roadwork early on
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this morning is wrapped up. traffic in the green which means our sensors showing some okay speeds as you work your way westbound highway 4 through antioch and the 237 connector to 880 we have construction around that area also. you can see in our live shot traffic is looking good westbound as you work your way between 880 and 101. we'll check mass transit next. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:34. iran's state-run media has released individual yeah supposedly taken from a u.s. spy drone that crashed in their country in 2011. the video shows an aerial view of an airport in a city said to be a u.s. drone base in kandahar, afghanistan. iran claimed it has used the drone to built its own unmanned aircraft. so far no official comment on the video from the united states. and expect a lot of questions about the u.s. policies on drone attacks today as lawmakers question president obama's nominee to lead the cia. white house counter-terrorism chief john brennan will appear before the senate intelligence
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committee. his confirmation hearing is expected to come just hours after lawmakers received a classified report on the rationale for drone strikes targeting americans who work with al qaeda overseas. the federal government is already preparing for $1.2 trillion in across the board budget cuts. they will kick in if congress fails to agree on a different budget plan by the end of the month. as susan mcginnis reports, the pentagon is already slashing military costs. reporter: the uss truman was scheduled to pull out of norfolk, virginia tomorrow to head to the persian gulf but wednesday afternoon word came that truman will stay in port in order to save money. >> playing the waiting game pretty much. it's not very nice not knowing when we're pulling out. >> reporter: the pentagon is cutting u.s. aircraft carriers' presence overseas ahead of $55 billion in budget cuts that kick in march 1. >> this is not a game. >> reporter: outgoing defense secretary leon panetta says congress' inability to find a
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way to avoid the cuts has endangered america's security. >> these steps would seriously damage a fragile american economy and they would degrade our ability to respond to crises precisely at a time of rising instability across the road. >> reporter: the idea is that the budget cuts would be so objectionable here on capitol hill that congress would agree on an alternative. that has proven to be easier said than done. >> i fought to not have this sequester in the first place. but the president didn't want to have to deal with the debt limit again before his re- election. >> they pass budgets that are wholly objectionable to most americans. they didn't become law because of that, because they don't have the support of the american people. >> reporter: if washington can't agree on a plan, some economists say up to 1 million people could lose their jobs.
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susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> secretary panetta says the defense department is preparing to furlough as many as 800,000 civilian workers, another 46,000 face losing their jobs altogether as a result of the cuts to the military. more plans to curb gun violence to be unveiled today by top democrats in the house. the 15 proposals are said to be similar to those by the obama administration including background checks on all gun purchasers and bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. some proposals are expected to have little chance of passing in the republican-controlled house. marin county is about to fulfill its promise after it issued ious during its gun buy- back program. $43,000 set aside for last month's program that paid people who turned in guns. but the money ran out, so organizers handed out $70,000 worth of vouchers and those vouchers can now be redeemed a week from tomorrow thanks to private donations and funds from the county and its cities. the legal battle to kept an
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oyster farm operating at point reyes is going to the next level. operators of the drakes bay oyster farm are going to the federal appeals court in san francisco challenging interior secretary ken salazar's decision to have the area returned to wilderness conditions. a federal judge in oakland denied their appeal on monday. more bay area headlines for you. 7 people are recovering this morning from a cable car accident in san francisco. now muni is trying to figure out how a stray bolt ended up wedged in the rails at powell and washington. that stopped the cable car in its tracks yesterday. the impact knocked an elderly rider out to the street where he hit his head. no one else was seriously hurt. san jose mayor chuck reed will deliver his annual state of the city address this evening at civic auditorium. the mayor is expected to talk about the city's budget issues. there are safety issues as well as officers are leaving the city's police department in the wake of cuts to pay and benefits. we'll speak live with mayor
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reed just a little after 6:00 this morning right here on kpix 5. the future of city college of san francisco on the line now and that's why the save c csf coalition had a meeting last night. the school has a march 15 deadline to show improvements in 14 areas or risk losing its accreditation in june. faculty, the staff and students are urging the community to get involved in saving their school. >> i'm just mad and i don't want to put up with this anymore and i want people to say, hey, hey, they're closing the post offices and selling off those buildings and they say the public parks pay their own way. i mean, this is insane. >> is opposed to some changes -- the coalition is opposed to some changes including consolidating apartments. 4:40. help wanted. the 1500 new bay area jobs up for grabs. >> [ bleep ] ran up behind with
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a hatchet, smash, smash, sa- mash! >> how a hatchet wielding hitchhiker saved a woman from a man who went berserk coming up. >> and caught on camera stealing that camera. where this intruder went wrong coming up after the break.
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intruder trying to steal that surveillance camera. he walks into a fraternity house at indiana state university tries the doors. then he amera and rips it caught on camera a masked intruder trying to steal that surveillance camera. the thief tries the doors, sees the camera, rips it at the wall and looked into it. after all that he failed to get the digital recorder and he is still on the run this morning. going into a fraternity house, you have a lot of people in the house. >> not a mensah member there. homeless hatchet wielding hitchhiker is the next big deal online. >> i guess so, that's after he saved the life of a pg&e worker just outside of fresno.
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police say a driver who claimed to be jesus christ intentionally rammed the workers with his car because the man was black and that's when the hitchhiker jumped into action. he used his hatchet to help innocent bystanders. >> these two women are trying to help him. she runs up and he grabs one of them, man. like a guy that woman that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. so i ran up behind him with a hatchet, smash, smash, sa-mash! [ laughter ] >> okay! well, neither the woman nor the pg&e worker were seriously injured. the suspect is in custody. you can see an entire recap of what happened at our website at we are following some breaking news right now out of southern california. three police officers have been shot in riverside county and this is a live look at the scene right now. investigators believe the shooter is an ex-los angeles police officer wanted for killing the daughter of a former lapd captain and her
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fiance in irvine over the weekend. police say christopher jordan corner who wrote an online manifesto saying he would hurt lapd and their families. they believe dorner is armed and dangerous. one officer has been reportedly killed in the shooting this morning. we are following this. this is breaking news right now out of riverside county. we are going to bring you more information as get it. >> it is 4:44. let's check in with lawrence. we have rain coming. >> scattered showers out there this morning so doppler radar is picking up on some of that early on today. looks like more of those showers spreading around the bay area as we head throughout the day today. it's going to open the door to more showers and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. most of that concentrated in the north bay now and not the heaviest rainfall we have ever seen just a chance to get the showers going and cold temperatures cold enough that tonight and into friday morning
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there's a chance we could see snow down to about 2500 feet. so a light dusting across our peaks. cold air coming in from th gulf of alaska. carry the umbrella. you will season sunshine in between the clouds after the cold front moves through but then a chance of more showers rotating on by. here's the latest computer model. you can see that front slowly working its way through the bay area. about the middle of the day you can see it sagging along the peninsula and toward parts of the east bay by 11:00 here. behind that you have more scattered showers, some pop-up showers that will continue to move in and out throughout the an and early into tomorrow morning. there's even a sense, there is a little rotation in the last part of this model that shows that maybe that low is coming overhead adding instability to the atmosphere and more showers outside. not the biggest event we have ever seen. still, you could see .18" or more north in san rafael. .13" in pacifica. .10" rain in the santa cruz mountains. the temperatures are going to stay cool. highs only in the low to about
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the mid-50s and that is it. 40s over the mountaintops. and then as we look toward the next couple of days, we are going to keep things cool and unsettled. saturday and sunday if you have plans looks like a return to dry weather and warmer conditions toward the middle of next week. gianna has traffic. >> thank you. we have lots of roadwork to contend with this morning in the south bay, east bay, you name it, caltrans is very busy out there starting along 880. live look at conditions in oakland. traffic is quiet but we have closures near oakland, fruitvale, both directions. that should wrap up by 5:30 or 6 a.m. so expect slight delays closer to where the cones are but overall very light through there. elsewhere in the south bay, northbound 87 connector to 280 that is still closed for roadwork. that should be wrapped up around 5:00 this morning. south bay lots of green to report. so not causing too many delays as of right now. also, as you work your way connecting over from 237 to 880, eastbound looks like we have roadwork there, as well.
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but again, as we take a live look at the area, not causing any slowing right now. westbound 237 between 880 and 101, an easy six-minute ride this morning. if you are headed through antioch, eastbound highway 4 near loveridge, we have some roadwork there this morning. one lane is shut down. you have three lanes open instead through there so on the flip side, westbound we have some early-morning roadwork also that's been wrapped up and again, green on our sensors. that indicates some speeds above 45, 50 miles per hour. so not really causing problems there this morning. highway 4 looks good as you work your way all the way towards the eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway itself not showing any delays as of yet. altamont pass looking good westbound 580 an easy ride towards 680 this morning. also the golden gate bridge you can see they are doing the lane changes on the northbound side right now so you may see slight delays there. southbound no delays heading into san francisco. so far bart has 10-plus trains on time now. muni, caltrain, ace no delays so things looking good so far for mass transit. that's a look at your morning
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drive. back to you. a decision to allow gays into the boy scouts has been put off for the next couple of months. the boy scouts of america's national leadership says the organization will act on the resolution at its next meeting coming up in may. the announcement comes as both sides lobby fiercely for keeping or doing away with the ban on gay members. a number of alzheimer's cases here in the united states is expected to triple in the next few decades. right now, 5 million seniors suffer from the memory robbing disease. a new study in the journal "neurology" says that number will reach 13.8 million by 2050. that would be the equivalent of everyone in the state of illinois having the disease. >> the baby boom generation is entering into retirement years and as they age, we know the numbers of those with alzheimer's will increase dramatically. >> right now, caring for those with alzheimer's cost $200 billion a year through medicare
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and medicaid programs. experts say that number will rise to $1 trillion by to 50. 4:49. the japanese airline that flies to mineta international airport has canceled all san jose flights through the end of the month. you might say i don't fly to tokyo so, so what? what's the big deal? the canceled flights cost santa clara valley an average of $214,000 a day in lost business or about $9 million between now and the end of march. all nippon airways uses the boeing 787 on the route and the plane is still grounded because of that battery problem. the dot-com hiring boom is back. the latest numbers from joint venture of silicon valley show nearly half of all jobs created in the bay area were in santa clara and san mateo counties. but the growth is not just in the high-tech sector. the technology hiring is having a ripple effect fueling a surge in construction too. 1500 jobs are about to open up right here in the bay area. home depot is getting ready for a busy spring.
4:49 am
the home improvement chain is hiring 80,000 new workers all across the country. that is a 14% increase in seasonal hiring for the depot. home depot encourages military members, veterans and retirees, students to apply. >> people are starting to do moreland escaping starting to build more outside or around their house so we definitely have more associates to accommodate greater customer numbers. >> i would be surprised if they don't get 5, 10 applicants for each job. >> home depot says 30% of their current full-time employees all started as seasonal workers. well, barbie is getting a new dream house. she put her one bedroom one bath malibu mansion up for sale for $25 million. one of the stars of the million dollars listings of los angeles will list the house. four designers will help her find her new dream home usually social media. mattel will create a play set of her new home in time for
4:50 am
christmas. >> sunnyvale, one bedroom, one bathhouse, $25 million. >> good view though. >> guess so. time now 4:51. another milestone for apple's itunes, the 25 billionth song just downloaded. any guesses? >> this might give you a clue. maybe not. beyonce got a big bounce, how the singer is reaping the rewards of her super bowl performance coming up. >> they are up for album of the year the story behind the black keys success.
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[ man ] they're big. strength we can count on. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. doppler showing north bay
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showers, more scattered showers and cold air headed for the rest of the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far, so good on our bay area bridges. live look at the golden gate, san mateo and bay bridges. no accidents to report now. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we have now downloaded 25 billion songs on itunes and see if you can guess the song that crossed the milestone. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> i have this one. >> that is monkey drums. monkey drums by chase become a german man downloaded it and will get an itunes gift card worth $13,500. pretty good. an average customer downloads 15,000 songs a minute. >> he must be working out. >> yeah. right now, many of those songs are beyonce hits like halo and single ladies. billboard says sales for her albums went up 197% following
4:54 am
the singer's super bowl halftime performance. even destiny's child is reaping the rewards. their new release love song debuting at number 72 on the billboard albums chart. good for them. >> lawrence brought it up. that's why beyonce didn't get paid. she is getting paid right now. >> did it for free. the grammys are just days away. they will be given out live right here on kpix 5 sunday night at 8:00. this morning we are getting an inside look at one of the bands up for album of the year. the black keys. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> the nominees in one more grammy category, grammy of the year. >> el camino by the black keys. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> the black keys are these two guys. it's dan and pat. the drummer and guitarist songwriter from akron ohio, dirty '70s unintentional arena band. started as a two piece garage band. >> plugging along at this, you know, minor-ly successful indy level. and then when brothers came out
4:55 am
in 2010, it just sort of blew them up. >> and the grammy goes to -- brothers, the black keys. >> congratulations are in order for the black keys. >> and they were good grammys but they weren't at the top of the ballot. so this year though in the serious big leagues. >> these are the nominees for this year's album of the year. >> el camino by the black keys. >> obviously the highest honor. >> their latest album, el camino, debuted at number 2 on the charts. >> it was definitely the black keys' biggest record. >> they have really kind of modernized their sound quite a bit. >> they sold out madison square garden in just 15 minutes. >> really were kind of the breakout rock and roll band of the last year. could. >> >> we'll see you at the grammys on february 10.
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>> sunday night 8:00. we'll be asleep. >> no. we have to watch a little bit. >> we will. 4:57 right now. automatic spending cuts loom in washington, d.c. what's on the line if a deal is not reached. >> and a san jose policeman disappears with a handcuffed criminal behind the wheel. how the man managed to break away coming up. >> and breaking news in southern california. a statewide blue alert has been issued after three officers were shot in riverside. we'll have the very latest coming up.
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officers were shot in riverside. plus: it was no magic trick. a statewide blue alert has been issued in southern california after three officers were shot in riverside. how a person escaped custody by stealing a police van. >> high-def doppler radar tracking showers already and there is more on the way.
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we'll talk about that coming up. >> lot of roadwork i'll tell you where in just a few minutes. >> good morning. it's thursday, february 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. a manhunt under way as an ex-cop is accused of shooting three officers in riverside county. investigators believe the shooter is an ex-los angeles police officer, christopher jordan dorner wanted for killing the daughter of a former lapd captain and her fiance in irvine over the weekend. police say dorner wrote an online manifesto threatening to harm police officials and their families. lapd have placed security at the homes of officers and they believe dorner is armed and dangerous. one officer has reportedly been killed in this morning's shooting. this is a live look. you can see the crews down there. as more details come in, we'll bring them to

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